BBC presenter Ben Boulos apologises on air after mistaking guest's medical condition

A BBC presenter in the UK has apologised on air after mistaking the symptom of a guest's medical condition as a reaction. 

Fill-in presenter Ben Boulos was chatting with Breakfast co-presenter Sarah Campbell over the weekend about the current economic state, describing it as "shrinkflation" - a word that describes items getting smaller despite staying at the same price. 

The hosts invited retail analyst Teresa Wickham onto the show to discuss the situation, who listened quietly via video link while Boulos explained how much he gets wound-up when discussing money.

"Whenever we talk about this on Money and Work, it really winds people up, because they're just not getting as much for their money," he said. 

Cutting to Wickham, Boulos noticed she was shaking her head and assumed she agreed with his statement.

"You're shaking your head, Teresa," he said. "You can't believe it either." 

"No, I'm shaking my head because I've got dystonia, so don't worry," she responded. 

Dystonia, a neurological movement disorder, can result in involuntary muscle contractions and slow repetitive movements. 

Boulos was quick to apologise, however Wickham appeared unfazed and forgiving. 

"I'm so sorry," he exclaimed. 

"No, no, no, that's all right," she responded. "I'm quite open about it, but people think I disagree with them," she smiled. 

The pair moved on and continued the interview, however Boulos made an effort to apologise yet again as the segment came to a close. 

"Apologies again for my mistake at the beginning of our conversation," he told Wickham, adding that he had "learned something for the future".