Former Breakfast host Kamahl Santamaria says he's selling house to fund legal action against TVNZ

Former Breakfast presenter Kamahl Santamaria says he's taking legal action against TVNZ.

Santamaria resigned last year after a complaint of inappropriate behaviour but told podcast host Duncan Garner he's lodged a case with the Employment Relations Authority to set the record straight.

"I'm doing it because I feel very, very strongly about setting the record straight and about doing it through official channels," he told Garner on his podcast, Duncan Garner: Editor-in-Chief.

Santamaria said he's chewing through his savings and selling his house to fund his legal action.

"I'm going to have to sell my house to fund our ongoing existence and the legal case. And, you know, that's pretty drastic, but again that's how strongly me and my family feel about doing this properly," Santamaria told Garner.

TVNZ said it has no comment on the interview.