Kim Dotcom to be turned into a TV series exploring 'compelling' story of 'internet freedom'

A TV series around Kim Dotcom is planned.
A TV series around Kim Dotcom is planned. Photo credit: Getty Images

A six-part TV series into the life of Kim Dotcom has been announced.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed Germany's ZDF Studios, Boogie Entertainment and Aristosfilms are to adapt Kiwi journalist David Fisher's nonfiction best-seller The Secret Life of Kim Dotcom: Spies, Lies and the War for the Internet as a six-part TV series.

The news comes more than a decade since police raided Dotcom's Auckland mansion, trying to take file-sharing platform MegaUpload down. 

During that dawn raid, more than a dozen luxury cars and a reported US $175 million in cash was seized. Since then Kim Dotcom has been fighting extradition to the US to face charges of fraud.

ZDF said in a statement the series will follow Kim Dotcom's "remarkable transformation from German hacker to groundbreaking entrepreneur".

It also described him as "a modern-day outlaw who, against all expectations, has become an unlikely hero for the cause of internet freedom."

"This project is a compelling exploration of the modern digital landscape, where lines blur, and the tech world's true colours are revealed."

The series is expected to span several countries, from Germany and the US to Thailand, Hong Kong and New Zealand, with the Hollywood Reporter saying location scouting and casting "is already underway".

Production on the series is to begin next year, with an expected finish date in 2025.

No broadcasters have yet been associated with the New Zealand transmission of the series.