Matthew Perry's former personal assistant Briana Brancato describes 'wonderful journey' in emotional tribute

Friends star Matthew Perry's former personal assistant Briana Brancato has penned an emotional tribute to the actor after his death by reportedly drowning in a hot tub.

Brancato, who worked for Perry between 2015 and 2023, shared online that her "heart is heavy".

"I've expressed my deepest gratitude to him on numerous occasions, not only for guiding me into a career I cherish but also for allowing me to take care of him for seven years," she said.

"Along with the countless other experiences I'm thankful for. From witnessing him in his genius to sharing in his worldly adventures living around the world, he took me on a remarkable journey."

Brancato also made reference to "Mattman", the nickname which Perry had given himself to show his love of Batman and which had proliferated his final Instagram posts before his untimely death.

"My heart is heavy, but celebrating my memories is the most profound way to honour his legacy.

"I hope that up there, in the great beyond, Mattman is sending us signs. We truly need them. You'll forever be in my heart. I love you Matty."

Brancato had left her job working with him to pursue a career as a personal trainer.

She was mentioned in Perry's memoir 'Friends, Loves, and the Big Terrible Thing' when he recounted his hospitalisation after his colon ruptured from opioid use. It was Brancato who had saved his life at the time.

Her tribute comes after Perry's co-stars on TV sitcom Friends revealed in a joint statement they were "utterly devastated" by the news of his death.