Sam Hayes dissolves into giggles after cow-cuddling story on Newshub Live at 6pm

Sam Hayes has dissolved into a fit of giggles on air after a story on cow-cuddling on Newshub Live at 6pm left her unable to continue. 

On Tuesday's bulletin, a story was broadcast about a UK farm that had been overwhelmed with requests for "cow cuddling experiences". It was revealed during the news the cows needed a full five months of training to provide the "optimum opportunity for a cuddle". 

After the story aired, cameras cut back to Mike McRoberts who was heard to snicker as he launched into recapping the top stories of the day. 

However, while McRoberts managed to reveal details of the latest coalition talks, Hayes was less successful in trying to tackle a story about supermarket giant Woolworths introducing new security measures. 

Despite managing to say the word "Woolworths", she dissolved into fits of giggles before apologising. 

"Sorry I'm still thinking about the cows," she said - she could then still be heard laughing as Mike tried to continue on air. 

Things got worse for Hayes when she tried to introduce the weather as she began laughing again, before saying: "Sorry Heather." 

It is not the first time the 6pm hosts have lost it on air. 

In August, the pair caught a strong case of the giggles live on air over a story about bears at a zoo apparently actually being "humans in disguise". 

Footage of a sun bear standing on its back legs at Hangzhou Zoo in China went viral back in August, with some saying the bear's slender legs and folds of fur made it look like there was a human in a suit acting the part. 

Despite starting off the story confidently, Hayes fought to keep her composure as McRoberts began to giggle off camera. 

When footage of the bears standing upright showed up on screen, Hayes also succumbed to escalating laughter. 

As the video showed folds of fur and amid reports people had complained "the costume didn't fit properly", McRoberts could audibly be heard laughing. 

"That's not a bear," he said as the broadcast cut back to the pair in the studio. 

Watch the video above.