Taylor Swift left 'freaked out' as becomes latest pop artist to be targeted by fans throwing objects

Taylor Swift has stopped a gig to plead with fans not to throw things at her while she's on stage because it "freaks" her out. 

The 'Anti-Hero' singer has become the latest artist to be nearly struck by an object thrown by an overzealous fan during a performance in Argentina

Swift then stopped her concert to talk sternly to her fans, begging them to think about other's safety. 

"And just because communication means having gentle, healthy boundaries – it really freaks me out when stuff gets thrown on the stage," the singer said while sitting behind a piano. 

"Because if it's on the stage then a dancer can trip on it. I love that you brought presents, and that is so nice, but just can you please not throw them on the stage. I love you so much." 

Footage of the moment has been posted on social media, with many praising Swift for her polite addressing of the situation. 

"This is how you communicate to your fans. Such a class act," one wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter). 

2023 has seen an increase in artists being pelted with various objects by audience members, leading to safety fears for performers. 

In July, Harry Styles was hit in the eye by an object thrown at him while on stage for a concert in Vienna. In November 2022 he was hit by thrown Skittles while he was on stage in Los Angeles. He was videoed at the time seemingly having trouble opening one eye. 

In June, footage emerged of someone hurling a cellphone at Drake while in Chicago during the opening night of his It's All A Blur tour. It hit him on the wrist before landing on the stage. 

In June, Bebe Rexha had to be taken to hospital with a cut and bruised face after being hit with a thrown phone in New York City. Footage showed the stunned singer grasping her face and falling to her knees, and the event was cut short as she was escorted off-stage. 

Pink has also been targeted with a fan at London's Hyde Park throwing up their mother's ashes on stage in a clear plastic bag. 

At the start of July, Adele angrily spoke out about the harm artists face from throwing crowd members. 

While on stage for her Las Vegas residency, she asked her audience if they had noticed people appear to be "forgetting f**king show etiquette at the moment".