AM hosts react to whether you should buy teachers Christmas presents

  • 08/12/2023

AM hosts Ryan Bridge and Melissa-Chan Green were in hysterics this morning over Christmas gift ideas for teachers.

The discussion arose when the hosts were questioning whether or not people should give a present to their teacher at the end of the year.

Chan-Green said people shouldn't feel obligated to give a gift, but added it is a nice thing to do.

However, Bridge said it is a waste of time giving gifts at the end of the year.

"If I had kids, I would be buying the presents at the start of the year to bribe them off. To bribe them, because then your child will get more attention, they might be more favourable with grades, they have a better chance of passing, getting a job and becoming successful people in society," he said.

Newsreader Michael O'Keefe said he has gotten his children's kindergarten teachers a box of chocolates each.

"It's just nice. They are giving our children the best that they can give, bringing them up with the right values and giving them an education… It's just a small token of our gratitude." 

"Nothing says thank you for helping to raise my children like a $7 box of chocolates, Michael," Ryan said.

Meanwhile, Chan-Green suggested getting a Christmas tree decoration. 

Later in the show, an AM viewer called John wrote in to say he received many gifts over his 50 years as a teacher and they were "never expected but appreciated".

While AM viewer Judith wrote she doesn't believe alcohol is a suitable gift for a child to be giving a teacher.

"Too much wine, maybe give them cigarettes or something instead," Bridge joked.

"Or a vape," Chan-Green laughed.

Watch the video above.