Canadian news outlet CTV apologises after 'mistakenly' airing war footage during report on Hannukah

Canadian news outlet CTV has apologised after "mistakenly" airing footage of the war between Israel and Hamas while reporting on Hannukah celebrations in Toronto on Thursday. 

The footage included devastating scenes of injured and bloodied children, the use of guns, and crime scene tape. 

"We would like to apologise for an error in our noon news cast earlier today. As a result of a technical issue, we mistakenly aired images of the war in the Middle East while reporting on the beginning of Hannukah," CTV News' Zuraidah Alman said in the public apology. 

"We are deeply sorry that this occurred during our coverage of this important and special event," Alman added. 

The footage comes in the midst of the deadly conflict between Israel and Hamas following an October 7 Hamas-led attack. 

People on Twitter shared their thoughts on what they believe happened, with some claiming the footage felt deliberate. 

"Seriously? A technical issue? Who do you think actually believes that?" one person said. 

"It looks like someone hacked the feed or something," another said. 

"Was the footage that was broadcast ever being used in any other news items? If no, which I expect no it is, then be honest with the viewers. Seems pretty straight forward," a third added.

"Someone has to get fired as the clips have to be physically (electronically) put in place, then they are viewed and approved," one person wrote.  

"The producer needs to be fired," another agreed.

Some added they were disappointed that no apology was issued later that day, on the evening news. 

"I'm now watching the 6pm CTV Toronto news. It's 6:30pm and still no apology," one person wrote. 

"No immediate apology?" one person added. "What a surprise."