Married at First Sight Australia star Liam Cooper reveals regrets over fat injections

Liam Cooper has opened up on his cosmetic surgery regrets.
Liam Cooper has opened up on his cosmetic surgery regrets. Photo credit: Instagram - Liam Cooper

Former Married at First Sight Australia groom Liam Cooper has revealed he regrets undergoing fat injections in 2022. 

Taking to Instagram, Cooper, who was paired with Georgia Fairweather during season eight of the reality TV show, revealed how "scared" he was to have the surgery reversed. 

He initially had the work done in 2022, thinking it would help "define my jaw and cheeks". 

"I've been deciding if I want to post this or not," Cooper said in a video. "But I've always been honest and share with you all the crazy things I do, or it could be the strong painkillers talking. 

"As most of you would know, in 2022 I stupidly got fat injections into my face. At this time I thought it would be like filler and define my jawline and cheeks. Once it all settled, I regretted this choice I made. 

"It made me hate my face and the way I looked." 

Cooper also said the procedure, which left him blotchy and red-eyed, took a toll on his mental health. 

"Due to this I avoided the camera and taking any pictures. I pretty much took a step back from everything," he admitted. 

He has since had the procedure reversed, adding: "I have a long way to go with the recovery, but I am so glad I did this." 

But he said the surgery was "scary as hell", saying: "I'm very lucky because when you get surgery like this you can actually hit nerves and you can have nerve damage." 

Cooper split from wife Fairweather during the show, before beginning a relationship with New Zealander and Married at First Sight New Zealand groom Samuel Levi. Cooper was the first bisexual groom on the Australian show. 

The pair dated for two years before revealing their split in April 2023.