T-Pain seemingly attempts haka during Juicy Fest set

Footage of rapper T-Pain seemingly attempting to do the haka as part of his Juicy Fest set has emerged online. 

In a video uploaded to TikTok, the 'Epiphany' singer can be seen attempting to perform a portion of the Māori dance as part of his headline set. 

It is believed the footage was taken in Auckland's North Harbour Stadium. 

However, the moves have divided TikTok users in Aotearoa, with some claiming, "At least he tried." 

"Was a vibe," one commented on TikTok, while another wrote: "Love how hard the brother goes." 

"He was his own backup dancer & we loved it!" a third weighed in. 

Others joked T-Pain would have to now alter his stage name after embracing the Māori war dance. 

"After that haka, he’s T-Patero now, chuurrr," one said. 

"Teke Pain," another said, with a third joking, "T haka." 

On Monday it was revealed 191 people were treated by medical staff during Juicy Fest events in Auckland and Wellington over the weekend.  

"First aid and clinical treatment" was provided at both events on Friday and Saturday.  

It comes after police were assaulted at both cities' events and reports of gang fights at the Wellington gig. 

Three police officers were assaulted and 12 people arrested after "several disorder events" during Auckland's Juicy Fest concert on Saturday.