TikTok star Ted Zhar visits Auckland waterfront to ask passersby in New Zealand his iconic question

  • 16/01/2024

A TikTok star who's made a living out of asking people how they make theirs has taken his iconic question, "What do you do for a living?" to Auckland's waterfront.    

On the Viaduct with Auckland's SkyTower in the background, Ted Zhar, real name Edward Zharnitsky, bumped into people with various jobs, from a consultant to a flight attendant to an accountant.    

A particularly sweet moment came from a man who's a caregiver for his father-in-law was asked what the best part of his job is, and he replied, "just looking after someone I love".   

Some of the more interesting jobs Zhar was told about were an inbound prisoner transporter and a prisoner movement coordinator who were walking together.    

Zhar ended many of the interactions with his trademark "daswassup".   

Initially getting his start in corporate finance, Zhar now works full time as an internet personality, asking all sorts of people across the world what they do for a living.    

Some of the most famous people he has talked to include Ed Sheeran, Mike Tyson, and Adam Sandler.    

Comments on the TikTok were largely positive, reflecting the light and happy tone of the video.   

"Hope you enjoyed Auckland man! Some great spots there," one person said.   

"Yayyyy you came to New Zealand," said another.