Video captures young man chased by horseback security in Rhythm and Vines festival break-in effort

The young man is chased by security while he sneaks into the festival grounds.
The young man is chased by security while he sneaks into the festival grounds. Photo credit: TikTok @dustyfarrance

A video on TikTok showing a young man being chased by security on horseback as he attempts to enter Gisborne music festival Rhythm and Vines has sparked amusement from hundreds of Kiwis. 

The three-day New Year's festival is popular amongst several people, but one person was a little too eager to get in without paying. 

The video shows the man running down the hill towards the fence surrounding the festival grounds. 

Two security guards on horseback are then seen chasing him, before he leaps over the fence headfirst and lands into a bush of flowers. 

A third security guard can be seen running alongside the fence trying to catch up with him, however fails to do so. 

He then somersaults down from the bush and rolls down the hill towards a tent where people can be seen waiting for him. 

Several people applauded his effort, with one saying "at that rate they should buy him a beer". 

"Let him in, such effort deserves it," another said.  

"Love the horseback and love his dive into the flowers," another added. "I hope he has an awesome night." 

"The way he flips over the fence and just rolls down," one person commented. "Then walks off like nothing happened," another replied. 

Others were shocked that horses were being used by security. 

"Horseback security has to be the coolest yet," one person said.  

"Only in New Zealand you see security on horses," another said. 

One person admitted they were surprised at how easy it was to sneak into the grounds.  

"I can't believe that's what the fences for Rhythm and Vines look like, I should've tried this years ago," she said. 

Newshub contacted Rhythm and Vines who declined to comment.