Chelsea Handler impressed by Lloyd Burr's knitting skills

AM co-host Lloyd Burr impressed US comedian Chelsea Handler with an offer to knit her a new beanie during a TV interview.

During a chat with Handler on Monday's AM to promote her upcoming tour of Wellington and Auckland in July, Burr offered to make the snowbound comedian a new piece of clothing.

"Loving your beanie," he said, before adding: "If you'd like me to knit you a beanie by the time you get here, just let me know."

Burr, who's an amateur knitting enthusiast and makes scarves and beanies for fun, asked Handler what colour she would like and if she wanted "NZ Wool, with a pom pom on top as well?"

Handler, beaming, said she would love a hand-knitted green and blue beanie.

"Whatever works," she said of the options.

"Green and blue it is, happy days," Burr said. "She can choose whichever one she likes."

Watch the AM Interview above.