Girls Don't Sync walk off stage at Auckland show over 'safety' concerns as fans apologise for behaviour

The sold-out Girls Don't Sync show in Auckland was stopped last night amid what the promoter is describing as "safety" concerns. 

Girls Don't Sync is an all-female DJ group from the UK made up of Matty Chiabi, G33, Sophia Violet and Hannah Lynch. 

The UK group were performing at Darby Street Station in Auckland on Monday night as part of their Australia and New Zealand tour when they decided to cancel their set. 

The event operator Cream said the performers cancelled due to their safety. 

"Upon thorough investigation, it has become evident that many things did not go according to plan. "The result was an environment not suitable for hosting this event. The decision made by Girls Don’t Sync to depart the stage was entirely in the best interest of ensuring the safety of all attendees.  

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"We extend our sincere apologies to Girls Don’t Sync and all those present, and we are actively engaged in devising solutions to rectify the situation." 

In another post, Cream said they understood fans were disappointed but "your safety is paramount". 

"We want to clarify that tonight's cancellation isn't on Girls Don't Sync in any way. We fully support their decision, putting safety first." 

A spokesperson for Darby Street Station told Newshub it is still working with the promoter and artist management to get to the bottom of the artists' concerns.  

"The promoter is experienced and well respected in the industry. They operate two venues in the South Island and deliver events on a weekly basis," the spokesperson said. 

"At this stage, the major concern is the interests of the disappointed fans. For that reason a number of options are being discussed including, of course, full refunds for ticket purchasers." 

Cream said it is in the process of arranging refunds for all ticket holders.  

Neither Cream nor the venue went into detail about what forced the artists to leave, but comments on Girls Don't Sync's social media pages pointed towards bad behaviour from the crowd. 

"Disappointing! Was so proud of the akl girl DnB scene 95% were girls that turned up and for two girls getting hurt by a guy throwing fist after the girls were trying to push a big dude off them!" 

"No offense to girls don’t sync but the guy had been removed the girls were keen to come back in and Carry on but sadly no go." 

Some attendees apologised for the behaviour displayed at the concert. 

"We are so sorry about what happened last night," one person commented. 

"Seriously we were so devo about you not playing but we understand. So embarrassing the behaviour," another said. 

In a statement posted on social media, Girl's Don't Sync apologised for the cancellation.

"Auckland, we are so sad we weren't able to continue playing for you all last night – but safety for you will ALWAYS come first," Girl's Don't Sync posted on social media.

"The love and support you have shown us has been incredible and we are hoping we'll be able to play for you all again VERY soon under better circumstances.

"We are having important internal discussions regarding next steps, please have a little patience with us while we aim to resolve this – safety within our community has and always will be our priority." 

Police said they were not called to the event. 

Girl's Don't Sync is scheduled to play in Christchurch on Friday.