Harry only saw cancer-stricken father King Charles for 30 mins 'to keep stress levels down' - report

Prince Harry only spent 30 minutes with his cancer-stricken father King Charles in an effort "to keep stress levels down", a royal expert has claimed.

On February 7, Harry flew from California to London and back again on the same day following the news on Tuesday (UK time) Charles had been diagnosed with cancer.

However, royal expert Robert Jobson claimed the reunion visit between father and estranged son was kept short because doctors were concerned any prolonged interaction between the pair could have led to further health issues.

He told tabloid The Sun: "You don't want his blood pressure going up. The King's not very well, whatever type of cancer it is, he's undergoing treatment.

"The best thing for him is calm. After the initial kiss and hug, 'love you dad, hope you get better soon', what issues are going to get raised? Things that will get your blood pressure rising."

Harry has made no public comment about his father's condition after the flying visit.

There had been speculation the rift between father and son would have been healed after the news of Charles' diagnosis. The King was said to have been unhappy with comments Harry made in his memoir Spare about his wife, Queen Camilla, leading to claims Charles was privately frustrated with his son's behaviour.

In January 2023, Harry claimed she was a "villain" in the royal household and sacrificed him on her "personal PR altar" to rehabilitate her image as the third person in the marriage between Charles and Diana.

In Spare, Harry wrote about his stepmother: "Maybe she'd be less dangerous if she was happy."

Meanwhile, the King has carried out his first public outing since the diagnosis to attend St Mary Magdalene church in Sandringham in eastern England with Camilla.

He also issued a message on Saturday expressing gratitude to well-wishers following his cancer diagnosis.