Logan Paul slams Perth after getting booed during WWE Elimination Chamber media day

  • 24/02/2024
Logan Paul was booed in Perth before a WWE event.
Logan Paul was booed in Perth before a WWE event. Photo credit: Getty Images

Logan Paul was booed at a recent WWE media day in Perth after saying the city sucked and even "Taylor Swift went to Sydney instaed of this dump."

The YouTuber, boxer and wrestler is  participating at a WWE Elimination Chamber in Perth. 

Paul is due to wrestle Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton, Bobby Lashley, LA Knight and Kevin Owens in the main event on Saturday night with the winner earning the right to face world champion Seth Rollins in a title fight in April. 

Wrestlers were going through the usual pre-fight hyperbole when Paul crashed Orton's turn to slam the other competitors. 

The crowd wasn't happy with Paul, who is the US wrestling World Champion, and booed him. 

Unamused Paul then laid into the crowd. 

  "Oh, y’all going to yell at me huh? You gonna boo me?" News.com.au reported Paul as saying.  

"I flew 30 hours to get booed?

"OK, if that’s the direction you want to go, we can go there." News.com.au reported. 

"So it’s WWE’s first time coming to Perth and I’m going to personally make sure it’s the last.

"This place sucks guys. I said when they said we were coming to Perth, I said we gotta be going to Sydney instead.

"I mean even Taylor Swift went to Sydney instead of this dump.

"I’m serious, you Google the top 10 things to do as a tourist in Perth and No. 1 is go visit an island full of rats. Not so different from you people, huh? Yikes.

"We legit in the middle of nowhere. In the middle of the ocean. I swear, I’d rather be stranded in the middle of the ocean," News.com.au reported. 

Paul has over 26 million followers on his YouTube channel and is one of the platform's highest-paid people.

In June 2021 Paul fought Floyd Mayweather Jr in an exhibition bout in Florida where he was also roundly booed for clinching too much. No winner was announced but Mayweather said Paul was better than he thought he would be. 

He also embarked on his wrestling career in 2021, winning the US title in 2023 and qualifying for the Elimination Chamber in Perth.