Machine Gun Kelly reveals shocking blacked out tattoo covering his chest

Machine Gun Kelly has had some new ink.
Machine Gun Kelly has had some new ink. Photo credit: Instagram - Machine Gun Kelly

Pop star Machine Gun Kelly has revealed a shocking new tattoo which is said to be a "testament" to his girlfriend Megan Fox.

He is said to have told the Transformers star he got the body art done for spiritual reasons and also for her. The pair have had a tempestuous on-again-off-again relationship since they began seeing each other in 2020.

"He wants her to know that no matter what one does with their own body, they both share each other and his body is her body. He also wants to remove so much confusion from his previous tattoos," the Daily Mail quotes an unnamed source as saying.

"He wants to move the confusion that ends up in their relationship from time to time and show her he can change for the benefit of himself and their relationship.

"He wanted to let her know that the new ink was also a testament to her and where they can go from here, that as much joy they have had with each other, he wants it to be a blank space and make new memories and make a new love bond with each other."

Separately, TMZ reported MGK had undergone a "spiritual consultation" with tattoo artist Roxx prior to the work in which he said the current tattoos he had were too "chaotic".

She revealed the process began in mid-December, with private work lasting for 13 six-hour sessions.

However, fans were initially sceptical when MGK shared the pictures on his social media.

"Is that a real tattoo?" one asked.

Another wanted him to "record yourself showering so we know it's real".