New Taylor Swift mural in Sydney viciously mocked online

A new mural of pop star Taylor Swift has appeared in Sydney ahead of her four concerts there this week, but not everyone is impressed with the artwork.

A picture was uploaded to Instagram account Sydney_explained and commenters were quick to point out it looked more like Donald Trump or a "MAFS wife" than the 'AntiHero' singer.

The artwork has gone up on Crown Street in Surry Hills.

One person "thought it was Trump" due to the "chin and nose". Another was more harsh, saying: "It looks like my cat ate a rainbow lorikeet and then threw up on the wall."

"Can we not," a further commenter wrote.

"Seriously. These portraits used to have a meaning of purpose and cultural discussion," someone else commented.

"What a terrible mural! I am trying my best to not hate on all things Tay Tay, but this just takes the proverbial!" another said.

However, the painting - created by an unknown artist - has its fans, with one saying: "I think it looks great. Couldn't name one of her songs but I can appreciate that she is amazingly talented."

"What a beautiful mural to a talented young lady," another said.

Over the weekend, Swift performed in front of her largest crowds yet at Melbourne's MCG venue.

On Monday she said on social media: "Melbourne, what do I even say to you after over 288,000 of you came and danced with us in the last three nights?! That was unforgettable. You were on another LEVEL. Thank you for the memories. I'll revisit the ones from this weekend often."

Next on her tour - already the highest-grossing by any musician ever - Swift will also be the first to perform four concerts at Sydney's Accor Stadium later this week.