New Zealand Today: Guy Williams says story about Jim's Mowing owner is his favourite

New Zealand Today host Guy Williams says his investigation into the owner of the prolific lawn-mowing company, Jim's Mowing, is one of his strangest yet. 

Williams, who was on AM on Thursday to promote the new season of the show, said the investigation into Jim's Mowing was sparked when he realised how "weird" the business was. 

He said he "pulled the thread a little bit", met Jim, and confessed he didn't think "New Zealand was ready" to see how it all unfolded. 

Williams said the success of New Zealand Today is due to "weird things happening in this country all the time - it's what makes this country wonderful". 

"I take stories that can be seen as a bit negative, and I go and try to find the positive side from them. It's a weird world we live in." 

Watch the AM interview above.