Queen Elizabeth thought Diana was 'far better suited' to Andrew than Charles, biography claims

A new royal biography claims Queen Elizabeth thought Princess Diana was "far better suited" to Prince Andrew than Prince Charles.

Author Ingrid Seward's new book My Mother and I is currently being serialised in UK tabloid The Mail On Sunday.

In an extract, Seward stated the Queen had been entranced by Diana when she arrived at Balmoral Castle, but "wondered whether anyone that young could differentiate between the man and the prince" when contemplating the romance with Charles.

It went on: "And she couldn't help thinking that the Spencer girl would be far better suited to her younger son, Andrew."

The book also detailed efforts Diana had gone to when she was invited to parties, claiming she had "determinedly" set out to be the Princess of Wales.

Seward also said her efforts "paid off" and everyone found her "enchanting".

It says Diana always making herself visible at events was key to success, with one member of staff recalling: "Most of the ladies do not get up until after the guns have gone out (at shooting parties), but Diana was always up early.

"If you looked out of your window at 7:45am, you would see her walking in the garden, and she made a great point of being there to see them off.

"It was then that she played her sharpest card. She would go around telling everybody how much she loved Balmoral and that it was such a magical place and how she loved it beyond imagination."

The book also claimed the Queen became tired of Diana's "rants" to her after her marriage to Prince Charles broke down.

"The Queen came to dread these meetings," Seward said. "She'd never had to deal with such outbursts in her life, and they left her feeling drained, despondent and confused."