AM's Nicky Styris bungy jumps off Auckland Harbour Bridge live on-air

AM newsreader Nicky Styris jumped off Auckland's Harbour Bridge on Wednesday's show, despite being "shit scared" to do so.

Earlier, she had been surprised with the news she was doing the jump along with AM reporter Emma Olsen.

When it came time to take the 40m plunge, Styris' nerves got better of her.

Asked how she was doing, Styris said: "I hate you all! My legs are shaking. I am shit scared."

As she shuffled to the edge of the gantry, she told viewers: "Yeah, this was me being brave."

However, support was on hand in the form of her show co-hosts - including Lloyd Burr who shouted "Someone push her off" just before she jumped.

Watch the AM video above.