Hints UK DJ Fred Again could surprise Kiwis with pop up gigs in two cities

Fred Again has a following of over 2.5 million on Instagram alone.
Fred Again has a following of over 2.5 million on Instagram alone. Photo credit: Getty Images

Wellington Council has dropped a major hint that hit sensation Fred Again could be performing a secret shindig in the capital.

The UK DJ is known to surprise fans with last-minute performances, recently gracing our Aussie cousins with pop-up gigs, giving Kiwi followers a major dose of FOMO.

But while no official New Zealand shows have been announced all hope may not be lost yet.

Wellington Council may have let the cat out of the bag responding to the speculation with a very telling statement.

"We can't confirm anything until the artist-led announcement," the council told Newshub on Tuesday.

However, the clues don't stop there.

Drug-checking organisation Know Your Stuff may have also let it slip after it posted that they will be attending a "big" gig at Waitangi Park in the centre of the capital on Friday.

"Hi Wellington friends! A little bird has told us there's going to be a bit of a shindig happening at Waitangi Park this Friday evening, so we've set up a special clinic," it posted on social media.

"The Waitangi Park gig promises to be a big one, so we've extended our checking hours to make sure everyone gets the chance to get their gear checked in time and have some epic fun."

The post was quickly deleted and reuploaded with a completely different caption.

Wellington street art festival CubaDupa also takes place in the capital over both days of this coming weekend, leading to further speculation the producer may be part of that as well. 

However, in response to the rumours, the festival team told Newshub they have no secret acts or gigs planned.

The original post (right) compared to the new post.
The original post (right) compared to the new post. Photo credit: Instagram/Know Your Stuff

Later on Tuesday, Fred Again stoked more speculation after posting a video to his Instagram story showing a crew member watching a Jonah Lomu clip.

The Instagram story.
The Instagram story. Photo credit: Fred Again / Instagram

Murmurs about a possible Kiwi gig started after the British DJ shared a picture of Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings on Instagram before arriving in Australia for his tour across the ditch. 

Fred Again has reached fever pitch over the past year playing sold-out shows and headlining major music festivals.

While his appearance into the music scene may feel recent, the Londoner got his start as a producer working with music icons such as Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora and Stormzy. He now has a following of over 2.5 million on Instagram alone.

Fred Again, Four Tet, and Skrillex perform on the Coachella Stage in 2023.
Fred Again, Four Tet, and Skrillex perform on the Coachella Stage in 2023. Photo credit: Getty Images

The murmurs of a New Zealand show turned into a full-on social media frenzy after a screenshot from an unknown origin showed his supposed tour schedule spread online - that featured two Auckland dates.

The "leaked" schedule had Fred Again pencilled in to arrive in Auckland on Friday, March 22, and play two shows at Spark Arena on March 26 and 27.

Adding fuel to the rumours, Auckland University posted a TikTok video teasing that Fred Again was coming. 

The video shows an empty lecture hall with text on the screen that says "we have something we would like to announce but we're gonna have to wait a little longer" so stay tuned until they post "again". A clip of Fred Again's song 'Leavemealone; starts playing.

While Fred Again is yet to confirm any New Zealand shows, if Australia is anything to go by, tickets will likely drop spontaneously - so fans are being advised to keep their eyes and ears peeled.