Kate Middleton seen for first time in public since photo editing scandal, abdominal surgery

The Princess of Wales has been seen in public for the first time since her abdominal surgery and since the Mother's Day photo scandal erupted.

UK tabloid The Sun published a video of a smiling Kate walking with husband William after a shopping trip at a farm in Windsor.

It is the first time Kate has been seen since rumours swirled on social media about her health after her surgery.

The pair were filmed on a mobile phone as they walked through the shop's car park, which was believed to be a couple of kilometres away from their home in the grounds of Windsor Home Park.

The sighting of the Princess of Wales is the first after she was forced to miss a St Patrick's Day parade while recovering from unspecified surgery. Details of her health condition that prompted a 13 day stay in hospital The London Clinic have yet to be revealed.

TMZ also published a photo of the metadata of the video, following the furore that erupted after the revelation the Mother's Day photo from Kate was edited and distributed by Kensington Palace without any confirmation of the edits.

The metadata of the video of Kate's appearance showed the video was shot on an Apple iPhone 12 Pro on Saturday March 16 at 12:43pm and lasted 15 seconds. The phone's GPS showed it was captured near the Windsor Estate.

Kate Middleton has been seen on a shopping trip with husband Prince William.
Kate Middleton has been seen on a shopping trip with husband Prince William. Photo credit: The Sun

However, The Sunday Times claimed on the weekend sources had told them Kate would reportedly soon address the surgery in the wake of spurious rumours and speculation that has swamped the Prince and Princess of Wales following her absence from the public eye.

The paper also said she would return to royal duties after April 17. There has been speculation she will join the Royal Family for the traditional Easter church services, but there has been no further comment from either Buckingham Palace or Kensington Palace.

Kensington Palace said the Princess of Wales would return to the public eye around Easter time, but rampant speculation on social media has erupted, with some claiming she was in a coma and with others saying Prince William had been having an affair.

The rumours were exacerbated by a disastrous Mother's Day social media post by Kensington Palace of a family photo Kate later confessed to having "edited".

Kate has not made any public comments about her own health and recovery. She has only addressed the digital photo editing scandal by issuing a rare apology after the picture was pulled by news media outlets once it was established it was not authentic.