Kiwi band Six60 sells out concert tickets in one minute

It's a tough economy to be selling concert tickets in, but one popular Kiwi band managed to sell out an entire tour in just one minute on Monday afternoon.

Accustomed to packing out stadiums, Six60 has chosen some much more intimate venues, and the response surprised them.  

Six60 is used to selling out giant stadiums.

It became the first band to play Eden Park in 2021, and with 50,000 people packing it out, it was the biggest concert in the COVID-locked-down world at the time. 

But its latest tour is more intimate - they are playing gigs with under 200 people at surf clubs, pubs and wharenui. 

"This a tour for the soul. This is something we felt like we had to do," Six60's Chris Mac said. 

"For so long, we've been striving and pushing and trying to go as big as possible, and we just really wanted to go to the people."

Places like the Far North, Great Barrier and Stewart Island are all included. 

Concert tickets that went on sale at 12pm on Monday were gone just one minute later. 

"I was freaking out that it's not on sale. And that's not a good time. Because you've got to figure out why it's not on sale," Eccles Entertainment's Dave Munro said. 

"But it had already been on sale, so boof! It was great."

The tickets for smaller venues were sold at a price of $89 to eager Kiwi fans, compared to concert prices which were around $160.

"How much it costs for a block of cheese now or a bottle of milk - you can't just expect that someone's going to buy a ticket to a concert," Munro said.  

But the band is looking forward to lugging their own amps. 

"Maybe take requests, I don't know, singalongs, maybe get someone out of the audience to play the drums for a song, who knows," Mac said.  

They are getting back to their roots and maybe even giving some up-and-coming musicians their big shot.