Melissa Chan-Green lashes out at 'incredibly chauvinist' comments on ECE tax rebate

AM presenter Melissa Chan-Green has lashed out at the "incredibly chauvinist" comments sent in by a viewer over National's announcement it will give families a tax rebate of up to $75 per week on the cost of childcare.

On Monday, the National Party said all families earning up to $180,000 will be eligible for a 25 percent rebate on their early childhood education (ECE) expenses, up to a maximum of $75 per week.  

On Tuesday's show, Chan-Green read out feedback sent in by "John" on the news.

"Why is this Government giving money to childcare? Why do we even have them? I drive past eight daycares every day, all they do is provide is a babysitting service for a bunch of trendy, poncey mums who want to go to work instead of looking after their kids.

"Look at the cars that go in and out of them, the expensive new or near new SUVs that the kids don't care about and the mums don't need. A lot of the kids are just meal tickets - the first generation of meal tickets are doing ram raids," he said.

Chan-Green scolded the commenter, saying: "John, there is a lot to unpack there - apart from the incredibly chauvinist attitude.

"Also this is the problem that we undervalue our early childhood teachers as people do see them - like you [do] John as babysitters.

"They're not babysitters, they are not going there just to be looked after, they are learning through social interactions, they're learning through the activities that they do with those teachers.

"Those teachers are incredibly important and special people to us. we should be treating them with more care than that and thinking that they are just a babysititing service to us," she said.

Co-presenter Lloyd Burr added: "Look at what you've unleashed John, there's plenty more where that's come from."

"But thanks for your feedback," Chan-Green said through gritted teeth.

The tax rebate policy was a central pillar to National's overall tax relief pledge at the election last year. 

"Many families are struggling with high housing, food, and childcare costs," said Finance Minister Nicola Willis.  

"One of our priorities is to support families to get ahead by helping them with the high cost of living, including help for those bearing the brunt of childcare costs. 

"Being able to afford ECE fees can also be a barrier to entering the workforce, particularly for the second earner in a household. FamilyBoost will make it easier and more worthwhile for families with young children to work by directly assisting them to pay those ECE fees." 

Watch the AM video above.