Peaky Blinders stars Sam Neill and Cillian Murphy reunite after Oppenheimer's Oscars glory

Actor Sam Neill has reunited with his Peaky Blinders co-star Cillian Murphy the day after he became the first Irish actor in history to win the Best Actor Oscar for his lead role in Oppenheimer.

Neill shared a picture on Instagram of the two of them enjoying a couple of Bloody Marys at an unknown location.

"OSCAR! Here's me pal #CillianMurphy the next day with the Gold Fella, and me," he said.

"I could not be more thrilled, as you see. So well deserved. We had a great catch up. And a Bloody Mary. Or two. What an actor, what a performance and what a movie," Neill raved in the snap.

The photo has gone down very well with Neill's fans, with many complimenting the duo on how happy they looked.

"My two most favourite actors on the planet! Brilliant!" one said.

"Tommy Shelby and Chester Campbell together and smiling! What a day," another wrote.

Murphy won the Academy Award for Best Actor on Monday (NZT) for portraying J. Robert Oppenheimer in director Christopher Nolan's movie about the man who invented the atomic bomb. The film also claimed Best Picture, Best Director and Murphy's co-star Robert Downey Jr netted his first ever Oscar for his portrayal of Lewis Strauss.

Neill played Government agent Major Campbell in two seasons of the hit UK drama about the Peaky Blinders street gang. The character was shot and killed at the end of the second season.

Murphy played the leader of the gang, Tommy Shelby, and received plaudits for his role.

Speaking to UK publication Radio Times, Neill admitted he was devastated to have been written out of the show.

"I absolutely love Peaky Blinders. I think Steve [Knight]'s writing is fantastic. I'm the biggest fan of Cillian [Murphy, who plays Tommy Shelby] and Helen [McCrory] and Paul [Anderson, Arthur Shelby]. I'm always happy to see them back and I kind of missed them."