Russian media falsely announces King Charles' death

  • 19/03/2024

Buckingham Palace is scrambling to deny fake statements published by Russian media claiming King Charles is dead. 

The UK embassy in Ukraine said in a short statement the news was "fake".  

Additionally, Russian online newspaper Mash said it "spoke too soon, the announcement turned out to be a fake". 

The 75-year-old monarch "is continuing with official and private business", Buckingham Palace said in a subsequent statement to Russian state media outlet TASS. 

According to the fake statement, which featured the Buckingham Palace seal: "The following announcement is made by royal communications. The King passed away unexpectedly yesterday afternoon." 

The bogus reports out of Russia come after the King's cancer diagnosis last month.   

He was reportedly "wholly positive" about his treatment ahead - which started in London immediately after his diagnosis.  

The King's diagnosis came just after Princess Kate underwent abdominal surgery, with rumours continuing to swirl about her recovery given she'd been absent from the public eye since January.