AM host paints swipe at decision to axe Newshub during live competition

AM show host Melissa Chan-Green has painted a cheeky swipe at Warner Bros. Discovery ANZ's decision to axe Newshub in July.

During an on-air painting battle between herself and co-host Lloyd Burr to draw a picture within a 20 minute period, Chan-Green told viewers she was painting an "antique". 

Saying she was "competitive but not very good", Chan-Green chose to use the AM show as an inspiration for her piece.

After the judges said her piece was "obviously minimalist", Chan-Green responded: "I thought a TV cabinet playing AM would be an antique as it's something we won't have in the future."

Burr painted a picture of the Titanic sinking, another potentially pointed reference to the imminent closure of Newshub, saying: "It was a pretty impressive historical event but I'm a big fan of Titanic, I'm obsessed with it."

Chan-Green decided to plead with the judges in the end, asking: "I'm wondering if you give points for clean work station."

Watch the AM video above.