Baby Reindeer: Piers Morgan says Fiona Harvey was 'treated fairly' during interview

UK broadcaster Piers Morgan has defended his treatment of Fiona Harvey, the woman believed to be the real-life inspiration for "Martha" from the hit Netflix series, Baby Reindeer.

Harvey has demanded Morgan pay her NZ$2.08 million for appearing on his show last Thursday, saying the "piddling" sum he offered her for the interview - NZ$500 - wasn't enough. 

She has now threatened legal action, if any deal is not forthcoming. She denied stalking in the televised interview.

"They offered me £250, and I asked if that was what they paid everyone and, if so, I wanted to see documentation to that effect," she told The Daily Record. 

"That documentation has not been forthcoming. I have not signed a contract for the interview and I will be seeking far more than a piddling £250. 

"I'd settle for a million. I read a snippet online that Piers felt very sorry for me, but he feels sorry for no one. 

"His staff were being so nice and saying everything was OK but when I went in to meet him, he could barely look at me. It was all a big act." 

However, Morgan has hit back during an appearance on an Australian radio show, arguing Harvey had been treated "very fairly and reasonably". 

"We give her the same as we give 95 percent of our guests. I won't say what it was, but we also paid for her to have a nice haircut, we got her a nice car and so on. I think we treated her very fairly and reasonably," he said. 

Baby Reindeer has been a smash hit on Netflix worldwide. 

Based on a true story, the series follows several years of stalking that Scottish comedian Richard Gadd claimed he was the victim of.   

The protagonist, Donny Dunn, is a struggling stand-up comedian in the UK who encounters a lonely woman at the bar where he works.  After offering her a cup of tea free of charge, Martha - played by Jessica Gunning - is quickly revealed to be a dangerous serial stalker.