Billie Eilish fans slam 'vile' ticket prices for Australia concerts

Billie Eilish's fans are not happy.
Billie Eilish's fans are not happy. Photo credit: Getty Images

Billie Eilish fans are angry at ticket prices for her new Hit Me Hard and Soft shows in Australia.

Pre-sale tickets went on sale on Thursday asking for up to three times the amount fans last had to pay when she played in Australia.

In some cases, tickets are more expensive than they were for Taylor Swift's recent Eras Tour Down Under, which went on to smash records as the biggest tour ever. Swift's ticket prices were up to AU$40 less than what Eilish's promoters are asking.

With no New Zealand dates planned for the 2025 tour, it's likely Eilish fans in Aotearoa will also be stung by the higher costs if they choose to travel to Australia to attend a concert.

The cheapest tickets in the 'nosebleed' parts of the stadiums start from AU$129.90 (NZ$143) and go up to AU$269.90 for A reserve aisle seating.

Regular general admission standing tickets will set you back at least a whopping AU$199.90 (NZ$220).

Any Kiwi fans will then have to pay for flights and accommodation to be part of the tour, meaning most fans will end up paying hundreds of dollars to see it.

"Yeah ticket prices these days are ridiculous," one wrote on Reddit. 

"And that's not even starting on how much effort it takes to get a ticket in the first place," they angrily wrote.

"It's absolutel insanity, vile," complained one fan.

"I can't believe there are so many people out there that can afford to buy these!" another wrote.

General tickets for the Australian shows go on sale on Friday, May 3.