Lily Allen reveals husband David Harbour 'controls' her phone as a 'caregiver'

Lily Allen has revealed a shocking fact about her husband.
Lily Allen has revealed a shocking fact about her husband. Photo credit: Getty Images

UK singer Lily Allen has revealed her husband Stranger Things actor David Harbour controls what she is "allowed to have" on her phone. 

Speaking to the Sunday Times, the 'Smile' singer admitted she used a phone that was designed for kids, because she was so useless when it came to dealing with technology. 

As a result, the phone needs a "caregiver" to activate it, she explained. 

"I now have a kids' phone called Pinwheel. It has no browsing capability and no social media, but you can still have Uber and Spotify," she said. 

"My husband is the caregiver on it, so he controls what I'm allowed to have as an app on my phone." 

She also said the phone needed them to be listed as each other's parents. 

"Because they're made for kids, he's [listed as] my parent and I'm his parent. 'What’s your child's name? David, aged 50'," she joked. 

Allen also revealed she ditched "adult" smartphones as she believed they were "evil". 

"The creative side of my brain has been ruined by smartphones. I feel like everyone feels the same. 

"I don't know anyone who could possibly say that the quality of their life is improved by the presence of a smartphone. I think it's destroyed us as a species. It's horrendous that they're designed to be so addictive.  

"Some of us have more addictive personalities than others. It's evil." 

In March, Allen admitted that while her children "complete" her, having them also "totally ruined" her career. 

When asked on the Radio Times podcast if she had to rethink her career strategy after having children, Allen replied: "I never really have a strategy when it comes to career, but yes, my children ruined my career. 

"I mean, I love them, and they complete me, but in terms of pop stardom, totally ruined it," Allen said jokingly during the interview.