MAFS Australia's Domenica Calarco enters mental health retreat

Married at First Sight Australia star Domenica Calarco has quit social media and entered a mental health retreat, according to reports.

Calarco, who was on 2022's season nine of the show, shared on her Instagram she was "not okay" on Sunday. 

Hours later, her social media profiles had been deactivated.

UK website DigitalSpy reported her Instagram statement saying she was "at the end of my tether".

"Over the last month, I have been struggling with some deep issues that have left me emotionally, physically and psychologically drained. 

"Everyday, I am trying to be the strong, independent and bubbly person that you all know me to be, but the reality is that I am not okay and the recent social media discourse has forced me to realise that I am at the end of my tether.

"As someone who has dealt with mental illness for 15 years, I have come to the realisation that I need to put my health, both physically and mentally, as the number one priority and have decided to enter a mental health retreat."

Calarco and fellow MAFS star and friend Ella Ding have recently been under fire for hosting controversial MAFS contestant Jack Dunkley on their podcast 'Sit With Us'.

Dunkley spent most of his time on season eleven of MAFS being called out by experts over his behaviour including demanding Jonathan McCullough "muzzle" his wife Lauren Dunn during a dinner party.

The pair were forced to apologise for his appearance on the show.

"I now understand that by having Jack on the podcast people are upset because it potentially had shown that we weren't supportive of women because we platformed him and that was never what we wanted to be putting across. For making people feel uncomfortable and for triggering them in that situation by having Jack on, I apologise.

"We never wanted to offend or hurt people by having him on the podcast."