Newshub Live at 6pm presenter Mike McRoberts says 'confronting' 2010 Haiti earthquake was his hardest story

Newshub Live at 6pm co-anchor Mike McRoberts says the one story that will stay with him forever is his coverage of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. 

Speaking to AM on Wednesday, McRoberts, who is leaving news presenting when Newshub shuts down on July 5, recounted the "terrible, terrible" earthquake that hit the Caribbean country in 2010, killing over 220,000 people. 

McRoberts told hosts Lloyd Burr and Melissa Chan-Green that it "was a really hard story to tell; basically we were living on the back of someone's porch for a week. We had no food - and just the devastation there." 

He continued: "When we arrived, they were picking the bodies up in a rubbish truck, taking them to a dump. It just was so confronting." 

He also recalled the backlash he received for helping a young girl get medical help, but said he felt it was his duty. 

"I'm a human being first, and a journalist second. If I can help someone of course I'm going to do it." 

Watch the interview above.