Illusionist Cosentino leaves AM hosts 'stumped' and 'confused' with card trick

Illusionist Cosentino "confused" and "stumped" AM hosts Lloyd Burr, Nicky Styris and Melissa Chan-Green with a card trick on Wednesday's episode.

The Australian entertainer is launching his new live show Decennium to Aotearoa this November and December with dates across the motu including Christchurch, Dunedin, Wellington and Auckland.

Appearing on AM, he was asked by Burr: "Have you got a trick for us and how long is it going to take?" before he launched into a card trick.

However, things nearly went awry when Styris blurted out the details of her card, which prompted Chan-Green to urge Cosentino not to "invite her to the show".

As the trick played out, the hosts were left stunned when the illusionist had correctly predicted their card.

"Whaaaat, how did you do that?" Burr said. "You've really stumped me."

"I am so confused," Chan-Green added.

Watch the interview above.