King Charles issues blunt ultimatum to Prince Harry: 'Stop publicly complaining'

King Charles has reportedly told Prince Harry to "stop publicly complaining" and keep details of the royal family private. 

According to royal author Tom Quinn, the King has "directly" told Prince Harry to stop airing his grievances in public as they try to mend their relationship. 

"Harry has been asked directly by his father not to write or say publicly anything further about the family or his brother that might cause trouble, and everyone knows that when a King asks you to do something there are going to be consequences if you do not obey," Quinn told UK tabloid The Daily Mirror. 

"Over the years that Harry has complained about his treatment by his family he has had just one aim - to get an apology and to see his father and brother make amends. 

"Harry just can't see that complaining in private might work; complaining publicly just makes things worse and in Harry's case that means more and more ties to his past being severed." 

The relationship between Prince Harry and the rest of the royal family has been strained in the years since he and wife Meghan Markle stepped back from royal life. 

Things were further complicated by Prince Harry's tell-all memoir Spare, in which he detailed various rifts and grievances, as well as an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021. 

It detailed a mistrust of Queen Camilla, who he believed was willing to sacrifice him and his brother on her "PR altar" to redeem her standing in the eyes of the UK tabloids. It is believed some of Prince Harry's comments have left him no longer on speaking terms with his brother Prince William and wife Kate. 

However, Prince Harry's relationship with Charles is said to be better and when the King revealed he had cancer in February, the Duke of Sussex flew back immediately from his Montecito home in the US to visit his father in the UK.