Michael Mosley discovered dead just metres from busy beach resort in Greece

British TV star Dr Michael Mosley was discovered just metres away from a beach resort in Greece where hundreds of holidaymakers would have been, it has been revealed.

He went missing on the island of Symi on Wednesday afternoon, sparking a large-scale search amid concerns for his safety during a 40C heatwave.

His body was spotted among rocks by a TV crew on a boat that had been sailing by a rugged stretch of coastline while doing interviews. In a tribute after the news broke, Dr Mosley's wife Claire Bailey said her husband had taken the wrong route on a hike and had collapsed just short of reaching a nearby marina.

The body was found in the area of Agia Marina, north of the village of Pedi and opposite the northeast beach of Agios Nikolaos, where Dr Mosley had initially set out for his walk.

Local mayor Lefteris Papakalodoukas was talking to reporters on the beach before the body was discovered just yards away.

The Daily Mail reported he had finished the interviews and was heading back when something "unusual" caught his eye. Papakalodoukas had told the crews to zoom in and they reported they believed they had seen a body.

A local waiter was sent to investigate and confirmed the discovery.

The Mail also reported Dr Mosley had been discovered "close to the perimeter fence" of the beach restaurant, about 30m away from where holiday-makers would have been frolicking and enjoying the unseasonal heat.

Early reports suggested Dr Mosley had suffered a fall, but there were now investigations underway as to whether he had had a "medical event" prior to the fall.

It was also revealed a police officer at the scene had broken his leg after jumping from a wall close to the body - he had had to be stretchered off because of his injury.

Dr Mosley appeared on programmes including the BBC series Trust Me, I'm a Doctor, the BBC's The One Show and ITV's This Morning.