Wellington-based DJ Tessa Hills AKA Messie invited to play at Glastonbury after whirlwind three months

A Wellington-based DJ has been invited to play at the Glastonbury music festival in the UK, after a whirlwind three months.

Originally from Gisborne, 21-year-old Tessa Hills was picked up by UK star Fred Again during his recent Australia tour and is now scheduled to perform on the Shangri-La stage on June 28.

Tessa Hills - also known as Messie - thought the year couldn't get any bigger.

"It's crazy and it doesn't really feel real but I'm trying to be as present as I can," she said.

In the space of just two months she's gone from DJ-ing in front of small New Zealand crowds to travelling to Perth and playing in front of 35,000 people.

And now there's the prospect of hundreds of thousands at Glastonbury.

"It's unheard of, it's crazy," she said.

The collaboration with Fred Again began when Messie, named after the footballer, sent him a mix.

He liked it so much that she opened for him at Spark Arena and then flew to Perth to close out his downunder tour.

But that nearly didn't happen. She didn't have a current passport and had to scramble to get one.

"I just had 120 percent energy going into it and was ready to give it my all and brought my friends up on stage with me so I was kind of bouncing off their energy and that love and I think he just enjoyed that," she said.

Messie's performances are dynamic, blending everything from techno to jungle.

"It's my dream to be able to travel and do music and just pass on joy and be the soundtrack to people's beautiful moments, like that's such a privilege," she said.

Her incredible journey is being documented and the film crew is busy fundraising to join her at Glastonbury.

Messie said she hasn't prepared her set for Glastonbury yet but will find the hardest and best songs she's got so she has everybody up dancing come June 28.