William Waiirua's dance moves leave AM hosts stunned - and impressed

AM roving presenter William Waiirua left show hosts Melissa Chan-Green and Lloyd Burr speechless with his dance moves on Wednesday morning. 

Waiirua was in Paihia in the Bay of Islands to take part in a Rise and Rave beach-set silent disco on Wednesday. 

But as he donned the headphones and danced off onto the waterfront with the sun rising in the background, Burr and Chan-Green were left stunned at what played out in front of them. 

"I think silent disco was made for William," Chan-Green said as he grooved in front of them. 

"William doesn't even need the music - he's got a party in his head all the time," she said as he continued to dance solo in front of the water. 

"I kinda wanna keep watching," Burr said before they were forced to cut to an ad break. 

Watch William Waiirua's moves in the video above.