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bridal crocs

Wedding-ready bridal Crocs released, finally

You no longer have to sacrifice glamour for comfort.

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'Casualisation' of menswear blamed for Munns closure

The suit, like the tie, is going downhill quickly, the retailer says.

A woman asking for advice over dress on Mumsnet

Woman's search for advice over dress for wedding backfires

It's safe to say she won't be posting in there again.

Check out what MPs got in 2016-2017.

Revealed: All the gifts given to Jacinda Ardern in the last year

An Afghan rug, All Blacks tickets and signed photos from the Queen - it pays to be Prime Minister.

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Watch: The insane way Kim K got into that Met Gala dress

How she got her waist that small needs to be seen to be believed.

Watch: Groom's ex crashes wedding in bridal gown during ceremony.

Woman comes to son's wedding dressed in bridal gown

It's easy to see why people mistook her for bride.

Watch: This year's Met Gala fundraiser may just have been the most dramatic yet.

The craziest looks from this year's Met Gala

Most celebs did not disappoint - but some got it so wrong.

Tinder conversation about pink dress

Woman reveals insulting Tinder messages over dress

But she's had the last laugh after ASOS took notice.

The lobby group offered its condolences after the Christchurch terror attack as well as assist gun owners in New Zealand.

National Rifle Association shows women how to conceal guns

Models showed off clothing and accessories made to hide firearms.

Tales Soares, 26, was on the catwalk on Saturday local time. According to the Rio Times, he fell when he went to walk off.

Brazilian model dies after collapsing at fashion week

He reportedly turned to leave the runway and fell.

A Houston school has issued a dress code for parents.

Why a US school is forcing a dress code on parents

A list of banned clothing includes shower caps, pyjamas, short shorts and leggings.

Watch: The Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery game is also being released this year.

Vans announces Harry Potter footwear collaboration

Exciting news for "witches, wizards and muggles alike", they reckon.

Watch: We got the low down on what's hot in the spectacles world.

What you need to know about selecting glasses

It's the outfit addition you don't always think of, but you should.

Watch: Treslise Cooper on how not to dress yourself.

Transparent 'bubble wrap' dress mocked online

The internet is confused, to say the least.

A study shows every sampled beard was crawling with bacteria.

Dogs have fewer germs than men with beards

A study shows bacteria lurking in men's facial hair.

Watch: Mark Richardson defends Auckland pool amid bikini controversy.

Online shock over 'Skinny Dipping' bikini

Would you dare to basically bare it all?

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Kiwi fashion brands fail to make the ethical grade

Farmers, Trelise Cooper, and Baby City are among seven companies given an F in the annual Tearfund report.

Ian McInnes from Tearfund spoke to The AM Show.

Ethical fashion report: Which brands were graded the best?

More Kiwi brands got a high score than last year.

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Man challenges Auckland pool rules with skimpy bikini of his own

It comes after a woman was told to cover up there for wearing a 'revealing' bikini.

Watch: 'This is not body-shaming': Mark Richardson defends pool's decision over bikini

Auckland Council reconsiders swimsuit rules after bikini incident

It comes after a woman was asked to cover up her bikini at a public pool.