Lorde suggests bakery treats for getting vaccinated against COVID-19

Lorde has a funny and creative suggestion for a reward for those getting vaccinated during the Super Shot Saturday 'Vaxathon'.

Most celebrities that joined the Super Saturday 'Vaxathon' show came up with suggestions most would say are simple - but Lorde might have taken the cake for the best reward. 

Her idea all comes back to her fear of needles, as ever since she was a little kid she would treat herself at a bakery after getting an injection.

"Normally for a custard tart - so, y'know, you could do that, get your jab, do something to protect your community and then get yourself a little tart, perhaps a little cream bun, apple turnover if you're feeling crazy. But please, please get that jab," Lorde joked. 

The Kiwi hasn't played in New Zealand ​​since her 2017 tour of Aotearoa in support of her last album Melodrama, however she is desperate to get back playing in front of Kiwis. 

Lorde, who is currently based over in America, shared her message about why she got vaccinated and why it's important her fellow Kiwis also do. 

"I wanted to say how important I think it is that you get your COVID-19 vaccine. This vaccine helps to keep our whole community safe," said Lorde. 

"It also protects those who can't get the vaccine and who are susceptible to infection. 

"So let's keep those guys safe, let's get back to doing the things we love to do. I cannot wait to come and play a concert - I want us all to be sweaty and dancing, maybe even not wearing masks when we do that."