Another chance for Labour's paid parental leave bill

  • 23/07/2015

Labour's Sue Moroney has another chance to get her 26 weeks paid parental leave bill through parliament - and this time she should have the support.

But even if she does get it through, the government can and probably will use its financial veto to kill it before it becomes law.

The government defeated her member's bill after last year's election on a tied vote, but that was before it lost the Northland seat to NZ First leader Winston Peters.

Ms Moroney put it back in the members' ballot and it was drawn today.

It will go on parliament's agenda for a first reading, and if Ms Moroney's supporters don't change their stance she will have a 61-60 majority.

United Future's Peter Dunne is the key MP - he usually votes with the government but backed Ms Moroney's original bill.

The government can use its financial veto to defeat a member's bill that would cost money that hasn't been budgeted.

Finance Minister Bill English had intended doing that to Ms Moroney's first bill if she had been able to get it through.

The government increased paid parental leave from 14 to 16 weeks on April 1.

It's due to increase to 18 weeks on April 1 next year.