Masseuse apologises for 'violent' massage

  • 13/07/2015
Masseuse apologises for 'violent' massage

A Chinese masseuse has been ordered to apologise to a client after giving her a massage so violent that she ached in pain the following day.

The woman bought the 90-minute traditional tui na session through an online promotion believing she would be getting a "relaxing experience".

Instead she'd signed up for an aggressive deep tissue massage in which the masseuse pulled and pushed her limbs painfully, clicked joints, and climbed on top of her on all fours to dig her knees into her back.

"The massage was of a very violent nature and painful, contortion style," the woman told Deputy Health and Disability Commissioner Theo Baker, after lodging a complaint about the treatment.

"She thumped my back four times with a closed fist, I felt winded."

She then had a terrible night's sleep, waking with a headache, sore back, neck, shoulders and throat, symptoms she did not have before the appointment.

The health services watchdog investigated the case, criticising the therapist for failing to talk to the woman about her health or the massage style prior to treatment.

The masseuse was also told she should keep better records of her treatment and should not use her knees as part of any tui na session.

The therapist wrote to the woman apologising for her "undue suffering", offering her a refund and inviting her back for a free follow-up consultation.