Video: Which MPs favour a euthanasia law change?

  • 28/07/2015
Video: Which MPs favour a euthanasia law change?

The husband of right to die campaigner Lecretia Seales says a public majority wanting a law change to allow voluntary euthanasia is a strong signal for the Government to act.

A 3 News/Reid Research poll has shown 71 percent of people believe the law should be changed to allow assisted dying in end-of-life situations.

The poll called the question 'Lecretia's choice'.

Ms Seales, a Wellington lawyer, died from a brain tumour in June just hours after her family was told the High Court had ruled against her bid to choose when she could die. It said the decision was best left to Parliament.

Her husband Matt Vickers said the issue should be brought to a vote in Parliament.

"The Government and John Key need to listen to the public of New Zealand by taking this issue to a vote I don't think they are going to," he says.

3 News asked MPs whether they support a law change.

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