Aucklanders experience asthmatic breathing

Aucklanders experience asthmatic breathing

It sounds easy enough – breathe through a straw while blocking your nose.

But after 30 seconds, chances are you'll feel giddy, short of breath and start panicking.

That's how asthmatics often live.

Harry Linford is a competitive runner, young, fit and healthy. But after jogging on the spot for just 30 seconds breathing through a straw, nose blocked, he's whacked.

"That's difficult," he says. "It's really quite challenging."

The experiment is being led by asthmatic and top ultra-marathon runner Lisa Tamati.

She wants to raise awareness and research funds for Asthma New Zealand.

The 46-year-old was diagnosed with asthma as a child. It was so bad she was often confined to an oxygen tent.

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