Study: Teen dads at risk of early death

  • 04/08/2015
Study: Teen dads at risk of early death

Young dads are more likely to die early, courtesy of fathering a child.

Men who become dads before 25 tend to have poorer health than those who put off fatherhood, increasing their risk of dying earlier, a new study released today has shown.

The younger the father, the higher the risk of a premature death.

Men who had their first child before 22 are at a 26 percent higher risk of death in middle age than those who waited until they were 25 or 26.

Meanwhile, those who wait until their 30s to have their first child reduce mortality risks by a quarter.

Authors of the University of Helsinki report say that fatherhood is a financial drain on young dads, which reduces their ability to take care of their own health.

In addition, young fathers also experience an increase in depressive symptoms following the birth of their first child and are more inclined to become alcoholics in early adulthood.

New Zealand has the second highest teen pregnancy rate in the developed world, with around 28 births per 1000 women aged between 15 and 19, and many of these births being to teenage fathers.

There were more than 2200 births to teenage men in 2009 alone. according a Statistics New Zealand study.