CYF sites visited by Serco – Tolley

  • 24/09/2015
Social Development Minister Anne Tolley (File)
Social Development Minister Anne Tolley (File)

Serco case managers have visited several Child, Youth and Family facilities in Auckland, Social Development Minister Anne Tolley has confirmed.

She's previously denied knowledge of such visits, and told Parliament today she had been given incorrect advice by her ministry.

"I apologise for giving an incorrect answer (to previous questions)... I'm disappointed that I got incorrect information," she said.

Opposition MPs suspect the visits were connected with the possibility of some CYF services being contracted out to Serco.

The private company runs Mt Eden Prison and has been embroiled in a series of scandals involving staff and inmates.

Ms Tolley said the visits involved the transition of young people from the youth justice system to the prison system.

"I would expect nothing less," she said.

"There are occasionally young people on indictable charges, and it's obvious they will be transferred from youth justice to the prison system.

"There needs to be a well-managed transition."

Ms Tolley said she had never personally held any discussions with Serco, and told opposition MPs to stop looking for hidden agendas because there weren't any.