'Life Paint' helps cyclists stay safe at night

'Life Paint' helps cyclists stay safe at night

A new high-tech product aimed at reducing road accidents goes on sale in New Zealand today.

It's made by car manufacturer Volvo, but is more for cyclists than motorists.

For cyclists the dark can be dangerous. The car manufacturer sells itself on taking safety seriously, and its latest innovation comes in a can. It's called Life Paint.

"It reacts and reflects light that is directly on it, so during the day you wouldn't see it," says Volvo New Zealand general manger Steve Kenchington. "You would know it's on your clothing but at night you're a beacon."

Ministry of Transport figures show that high-risk times for cyclist injuries are between 8am and 10am, and 4pm and 6pm, when light is poor. Before 8am and after 6pm is also bad.

So will Life Paint help reduce accidents?

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