Majority Kiwis keen for soft drink tax – poll

  • 25/09/2015

There's been a big shift in attitudes towards taxing sugary soft drinks, according to a new poll.

It shows a 25 percent shift over the past 18 months, with 52 percent now saying they should be taxed and 32 percent saying they shouldn't.

Dr Gerhard Sundborn from the University of Auckland says people are increasingly aware of the harm sugary drinks pose to health.

"There's been a number of stories profiled in the media and the general public are beginning to be more aware and educated of the harms these drinks cause," he says.

"As more people in the general public support the idea of that tax, it will become more politically acceptable and inevitably it will be part of the solution to address obesity and those harms."

The support for a sugar tax is under the proviso the money is spent on child obesity.