‘Shrinking Violet’ shows off new tummy after surgery

‘Shrinking Violet’ shows off new tummy after surgery

The Christchurch woman known as the 'Shrinking Violet' has shown off her new stomach after surgery to remove excess skin following her dramatic weight loss.

Elora Harre, 21, underwent a physical transformation when she lost 55kgs through diet and exercise - but was left with large amounts of excess skin.

She has shared a before and after photo on social media and written about her journey so far.

"And now to share the most BAD ASS transformation picture! I just couldn't resist," she wrote on Facebook.

Harre began her weight loss journey in 2013 and has gone from a size 24 to a size 14.

"Despite being young (you'd think a 21-year old would have better skin elasticity), having lost the weight over a good amount of time and lifted weights and done everything I could to reduce the possibility of excess skin, it still happened.

"I had lost so much weight but was left with a crippling amount of loose skin. Not only was it hard to look at but it gave me medical problems; nasty skin infections and daily pain. I had to tuck it into my clothes," she wrote.

Through a crowdfunding source, Harre raised $14,000 which allowed her to travel to California where plastic surgeon Dr Cat Huang Begovic carried out the full frontal abdominoplasty surgery.

Harre said she is "in love" with her new body.

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