Vitamin C links with breast cancer - study

  • 30/09/2015
breast cancer (iStock)
breast cancer (iStock)

A University of Otago expert is about to begin new research into the link between vitamin C levels and breast cancer.

Professor Margreet Vissers, who is based in Christchurch, wants to determine whether vitamin C in the tumour tissue affects the biology of the tumour in a way that could slow cancer growth and spread.

To do that she'll analyse the level of vitamin C in breast tumours and compare health outcomes for patients with different levels of the vitamin.

She's previously done the same analysis with bowel cancer and endometrial cancer tissue.

"The use of vitamin C by cancer patients is commonplace, but highly controversial," Prof Vissers said.

"Some patients claim to benefit, but we've been short on clinical evidence. If vitamin C works, we need to know how it works, and for which tumours."